JK Program

Justice Kids is a group made up of high school and college students that works alongside attorneys and mentors to help asylum seekers prepare for their legal hearings. They provide aid in translating for the asylum seeker and helping to fill out any legal documents they might need. They are also very passionate about encouraging the youth to actively support and learn how to protect our immigrant communities.

We believe Justice kids has the potential to make a tremendous impact on Latino immigrant community!


Grupo Latino de Acción Directa is a Eugene-based non-profit organization devoted to nurturing our Latinx community to full political maturity and independence. They do so through education, culture, legal, and civic engagement. They are the catalyst for community empowerment, and aim to create a Latino community that is prepared and equipped for collective action across identity lines.

Peer Support Group

This Latinx peer support group is to provide a positive and lasting impact on the Latinx youth. Where we will help them find out who they are and make them feel comfortable with that. From reconnecting with their culture without feeling ashamed, to learning how to speak their language, making them feel like they have a community where they can be safe, being themselves, talking about their goals and their futures, and overall helping them feel heard and seen.